Security Practitioner FAQ

How does the nclav process work?

After you sign up and request an invitation to nclav, we'll review your profile. If you're approved, your profile will become available to be viewed by companies that have access to nclav security practitioner profiles. You'll receive interview requests from employers - with role information, salary and/or rate upfront. You'll then be able to decide which companies to interview with and start the interview process.

How long will it take for my profile to be reviewed?

Once you’ve completed your profile, you can expect a response within seven business days.

What skill sets are you looking for?

Generally speaking, skilled Information Technology professionals with a very strong security background. We have also had success with Penetration Testers, Network Security Engineers, Malware Analysts, Application Security Architects, Incident Response Managers, Forensic Analysts, Compliance Analysts and many more. Demand for specific types of skill sets can vary by geography.

What experience are you looking for?

We’re looking for top Security Practitioners with experience working on interesting projects.

What if I am not in the New York City Area?

As long as you are willing to work (i.e. currently live in, willing to relocate or able to work remotely if the company allows) in our key market, it is not a problem. We do have a preference for Security Practitioners currently living and working in the greater New York City area; but if you located elsewhere and are willing to relocate, travel or work remotely, if the company allows, we encourage you to try us out. You should note that most of the companies that use nclav expect their Security Practitioners to work full time in their office. As such, we typically do not admit Security Practitioners who wish to work remote or who are outside of the New York City area and unwilling to relocate.

I'm just interested in seeing which companies are interested in me, is this the platform for me?

nclav relies on high quality talent that is serious about finding new opportunities. If that's not you, check in with us again when you are ready.

When will employers be able to see my profile?

Once your application has been approved, your profile will appear on the marketplace immediately.

If I accept an interview request, will my profile still be visible to employers?

Yes! Your profile is visible until you manually configure it to be non-searchable.

If I decline an interview request but change my mind, how do I re-engage with the company?

You should hold off on declining interview requests unless you are absolutely sure you have no interest, whatsoever. If there is a question regarding compensation or the role, you should ask for a revision and start the conversation that way. If you declined an offer and realize it was a mistake, send us an e-mail and we can facilitate the process going forward.

Are there interviews? Are they technical?

Absolutely! Just like everybody else, even after receiving an interview request through the marketplace you will still have to interview. Each company is slightly different in how they interview, but all of them do some sort of technical vetting and in-person meeting. Typically, technical vetting takes the form of technical questions, white-boarding and/or practicals. For the onsite interview, some companies will bring you in immediately to meet the team and some will do a few phone screenings first before having you in.

How long does it take to actually get a job?

This depends on the organization. With some smaller companies, the process can be very fast and with some larger companies, the process can become very long.

I like the company but the offer is too low, what should I do?

Offers are non-binding and can be adjusted before a final paper offer is presented. If it's clear that the company is not meeting your compensation requirements, inform them immediately and the company will consider whether to re-work your interview request or pursue other candidates.

My current company uses nclav. Will they be able to see my profile?

We actively hide you from any current or former employers. If you are concerned about whether you are hidden from a specific employer, send us an e-mail and we can use our system to address your privacy concerns.

Are there companies that sponsor work visas?

About 70% of our companies will transfer work visas - typically an H1-B, OPT, E3 or TN visa. If you currently have one of those work authorizations or other transferable U.S. work visa, a substantial portion of our employers can sponsor you! If you are not currently in the U.S., hold a non-transferable visa like a B1, L1 or J1, or have an expiring / nonrenewable visa we will not be able to include you in a batch at this time.

I think someone changed my profile, what happened?

Occasionally, we will clean up your profile in order to increase your success in the marketplace. Typically, this involves fixing formatting errors or spelling mistakes and pulling important details into your headline. nclav will never fabricate new content, we enhance and improve the legibility of the content you provide so that you receive the most interest from employers that fit your career goals.

I am a current student and will be looking for my first job in a few months, when should I join nclav?

The best time to join nclav is a few months before graduation. If you are graduating in May or June, then you should sign-up in January or February. If you are graduating in December, early fall is best.

Are there any contract, temporary or telecommute opportunities?

Currently, our employers are only looking for contractors or full time contract-to-hires able to work onsite in one of their offices. If you are only looking for full-time or remote opportunities, we are not a good platform for you at the moment.

What is your approval process for security practitioners and companies?

Both security practitioners and companies are vetted before inclusion in the marketplace. Security practitioners must have a complete profile and demonstrable talent in a desired field. Companies must have a clear need to hire, and be willing to provide compensation and role details in the offers they make on our platform.